About us

Who we are

Renaissance Wealth Management was founded in 2000 as a boutique independent global financial advisory and wealth management company. Founders Bruce Kirsch and Jonathan Ralph, investment professionals and entrepreneurs, saw the need for an independent and integrated approach to Global Financial Planning. In order to seamlessly bring together the full range of services required, Renaissance has successfully built up a team of highly specialised industry professionals and partners to become one of the most respected boutique global financial advisory and wealth management companies in South Africa. Our permanent staff are dedicated individuals who also have our clients’ interests and goals at heart.

In order to provide clients with the full range of services required to formulate, implement and administer a successful global financial plan, Renaissance Wealth Management has partnered with Lynx Fund Managers, Renaissance Equity and Independent Fiduciary Services.

Our approach

To protect and grow the wealth of our clients through building a trusting personal relationship with each client and by providing independent impartial advice unique to each client’s circumstances. This approach together with a vision of being, and remaining, a highly regulated and respected independent global financial advisory and wealth management firm dictates every phase of our wealth management approach.

Our process

Meaningful, responsible and prudent wealth management is not about the latest investment opportunity. It also has to offer more than a passing reference to investment returns and it should certainly extend beyond a superficial relationship with faceless, ever changing managers and administrative support. In fact, protecting and augmenting a client’s estate has less to do with "getting richer quicker" and everything to do with preserving and predictably growing the wealth a client has created.

At Renaissance we value and nurture our relationship with each client, not just because we're a personalised service-driven business, but because we're committed to our clients, our business and our industry for the long term. As such, while we consistently aim to outperform our stated benchmarks, both service and financial, our policy is to pursue stable, predictable absolute returns.

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is to generate consistent stable and predictable real absolute returns over the long term. We are always mindful of changing family dynamics and investment objectives, needs and constraints and portfolios are dynamically adjusted accordingly.

In constructing a prudent portfolio based on only the best industry expertise and experience, we make certain strategic long term geographic and asset class allocation decisions. To prudently do this, a wide range of asset classes, local and international, are investigated and researched and blended to provide extremely high probabilities of achieving client set objectives within agreed risk parameters.



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Renaissance Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd is registered with the Financial Services Board as a financial services provider (FSP Licence No. 878).

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