Global Fiduciary, Legal and Corporate Services


We believe this to be the most important and central component of any global financial plan. At Renaissance we offer our clients a broad range of fiduciary, legal and corporate services:

Global Wealth Management and Strategy

  • Annuities and Endowments
  • Fixed Interest Strategies
  • Treasury Products
  • Structured and Guaranteed Products
  • Performance Swaps
  • Currency Swaps
  • Asset Swaps
  • Guaranteed Structures
  • Preference Shares
  • Gearing Strategies
  • Tank Containers
  • Preference Shares
  • Matured Endowments
  • Indexation Strategies
  • Options and Warrants
  • Crypto Currency
  • Blockchain technology

Retirement, Retrenchment and Resignation Planning


Global Tax Planning

Tax advice and compliance is an integral part of financial planning.

Situs Asset Advice


Migration Advice and Administration

  • Full Emigration or Immigration
  • Financial Emigration or Immigration
  • Tax residency
  • Ordinarily Resident (Domicile)
  • Revenue Services reporting and compliance
  • Federal Reserve reporting and compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cross border transactions
  • Cross border foreign exchange transactions

Employee Benefits




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